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Praying on your own is a vital and healthy habit. However, it is important to pray with other Christians. Why? Well…

  1. We follow the example of scripture
  2. It increases our faith
  3. God delights in unity
  4. We are enriched by our different understanding and practices of prayer
  5. It helps us to better discern God’s will
  6. It draws more people into becoming the answer to our prayers
  7. We encourage other people to pray

“The prayer meeting is the powerhouse of the church” – how is your church doing? It is interesting that people turn out for all sorts of events and activities in all weathers yet the prayer meeting is often the gathering with the lowest numbers. Surely this is the place where we together hear God’s direction and purpose for our activity?

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A few verses to ponder…

1 Peter 4:7-8 The end of the world is coming soon. Therefore, be earnest and disciplined in your prayers. NLT

Acts 1:14 They (the disciples) all met together and were constantly united in prayer NLT

John 15:7-8 But if you remain in me (Jesus) and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted! NLT

(With thanks to Chris Band, author of ‘On our Knees’)


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I recently came across this African proverb:

‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’.

I reflected on this after going to an anniversary service of a local small church. They are part of a cluster of 4 small churches in West London who meet together on a regular basis. All 4 churches came to celebrate the anniversary with tea and worship. There was a great atmosphere as people met, exchanged news and renewed friendships. The largest of these churches has 25 members, the smallest has 5. However, we know that kingdom life is not about numbers, it’s about health. Each of the 4 churches could celebrate how God is moving and working in their churches and people in the community being reached.

Interdependence is the way of the Kingdom.

Psalm 133



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Better Together

Part of my job as Small Church Enabler is to get groups of small churches to meet together locally. There is a great need for encouragement among the churches and there is great value in networking. Finding someone who understands our situation is very comforting.

There is scope for swapping ideas and sharing resources, such as musicians, preachers, outside events, youth worker, lunch club, holiday at home etc. There is great strength in doing things together that we cannot do alone.

As churches meet together to worship, the building is full (always good to see!). It is great to worship on a larger scale where news, answers to prayer and requests can be shared. A real celebration. Food is always great at these occasions as fellowship time is where new friendships are made.

Bigger numbers bring opportunities for learning and training together. Many churches feel that they are too small to invite a speaker or facilitator to come, so together makes it possible. It is also good to encourage people to go to national events, such as Spring Harvest, New Wine, Children’s Ministry and Mission Worship.

In London, we distribute a quarterly newsletter across the 108 small Baptist churches to keep them in touch with the Small Church Connexion and each other. It is good to be reminded that someone cares and they are part of a bigger family of God, in London, in the UK and globally.

Does your church meet with other small churches?

How about exploring the possibility?

How about a local newsletter?

Let me know!

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